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Planet fitness

Win A 1 Year Planet Fitness Gym Membership

Every year millions of people make a resolution to join a gym, lose weight & get fit. Did you do the same? Did you join the gym? Are you on your way to being fit? If not what's stopping you? Lack of time? Lack of money? Lack of motivation? Well here is your chance to save money and get motivated at the same time. How would you like to win a 1 year paid membership to one of the best gyms out there. PLANET FITNESS. That's right Planet Fitness is the gym chosen by thousands. It is one of those gyms you enjoy going to. No Pressure No Judgement.

So how could you win a free 1 year Planet Fitness membership? It's easy. All you have to do is go to NagsandBrags.com. Post a review about any place you like or don't like. It can be anything from a restaurant to a tanning salon, a gym to an amusement park. We want your honest review. Tell others which are the best places to visit and which places should be avoided like the plague. Straight forward no holds barred reviews.

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